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What is forensic document examination? The examination involves the evaluation and analysis of various types of questioned documents to detect falsification of an instrument or document so that it may be presented as genuine. Possible types of documents can be, but are not limited to:

- Checks - Charge Slips
- Wills - Tax Returns
- Codicils - School Records
- Deeds - Financial Documents
- Contracts - Anonymous Letters

To name a few


How to work with a Document Examiner

The following are the most frequently requested situations from clients concerning documents in question:

  • Has the document been forged or altered, and if so, by a person they suspect?
  • What steps can I take to prove that the signature on the document is not mine?
  • Did the same person sign all the documents?
  • Is the anonymous letter written by the person I suspect?
  • If the document is hand printed can it be compared to cursive writing?
  • Is the examination performed on original documents only?
  • How many sample writings need to be provided for examination?


The following will help you should you need the services of a document examiner:

  • Try to obtain the original of the document in question, if at all possible.

  • The original should be protected in an acid-free sleeve.
  • Keep the document free of any marks, writing, or highlighter on the original.
  • Make several copies of the original.
  • When working with copies:
  • First generation copies are preferred.
  • Multi copies of an original will decrease clarity of the original.
  • Facsimiles will further distort and lessen depth and clarity of the original.
  • Gather known valid samples for comparison (called standards).
  • The known samples should also be originals, if possible.
  • The samples should also be around the same time period, if at all possible but no more than one year before the time period or one year after the time period.
  • Obtain like samples, i.e. if it is a signature, get signatures; if it is other writing, try to obtain writing that contains similar letters and/or phrases; if the questioned writing is printed, the samples should be printed; if the writing is in cursive (long hand), the samples should be in cursive writing.
  • Sources of samples could be:
- Cancelled checks - Letters and cards
- Sales receipts - Legal documents/contracts

Having a problem obtaining known samples, please contact me for a list of OVER 100 Sources of Handwriting Standards.


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